Ultra Balm... For Hands... Feet... Body... & Face

All Skin Conditions Including Psoriasis & Eczema

Your first step to Beautiful, Healthy Skin!

Formulated with the finest Natural & Organic Ingredients available.

One Formula For Men and Women!

Stimulates the renewal of skin cells.

Our New Skin Softener For Men!

Unscented - Vitamin Enriched Plus Aloe!

Makes Your Skin Feel Luxurious & Velvet to the Touch!

Generous amounts of Aloe-Vera.

Glides On Like Butter!

Available in Four Delicious Flavors Including Berry, Vanilla, Spearmint, & Natural.

Skin Looks Years Younger

Uses, essential oils, as well as vitamins A, D, and E to reduce dimples and bumps.

Be Your Own Boss - Work Your Own Hours

Sell at: Home Parties, Indoor & Outdoor Events, Retail Outlets, Ect.

Ultra Balm Premium Moisturizer
Ultra Reverse Retinol Restoration Cream
Ultra Facial Cleanser
Ultra Sun Safe Protection Sun
Ultra Handy Man Lotion Men
Ultra Diminish Cellulite Reducer
Ultra Lip Balm Chapstick

Welcome to Our Ultra Balm Skincare Products

Welcome to the Ultra Balm Skincare Experience and our New Website!

We at Ultra Balm Skincare continually dedicate ourselves to bringing you the best in premium skin care to give you the skin you've always dreamed of.

Ultra Balm, our aloe based and vitamin enriched skin cream of dry skin has been given a 5-star rating from our customers for the best hand cream on the market today!

Our Ultra REVERSE, retinol based, anti aging anti wrinkle cream is second to none and our answer to how to look young.

When people ask what is the best sunscreen we say, with the utmost confidence, that our Sun Safe sunblock not only gives your skin the safest protection but nourishes and moisturizes it with aloe and elegant, calming natural botanicals.

Along with our new cellulite reducing cream Ultra DIMINISH, and our ever-popular buttery lip balms, we now have included to our line, as well,  an extraordinary, non-greasy, hand cream for men, that gives men smooth skin that lasts all day and won't wash off in water.

We at Ultra Balm Skincare work hard to give you the best at affordable prices.

Try us. We bet you can't buy us just once!


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Click Here for All Our Product Specials

“I’ve had severe Dry Skin for 54 years and this is the first cream that has ever helped me.
As a NURSE I’m constantly washing my hands and nothing works like ULTRA BALM.
It’s GREAT!"

Marge Brier, Seven Hills OH

“I have had Cracked & Painful Cuticles since I was 18 years old. I am now 54 and this is a miracle cream. My cuticles look great and my hands never looked better.
I will definitely use ULTRA BALM Forever…I’m hooked!”

Sandy Griffin, Tampa, FL

Ultra Reverse Model and Actress

“I am 29 years old, am an actress and model, and had been looking for a skin product that would keep me looking as young as possible, as my profession requires it. I was told about your Ultra REVERSE for an well known actress friend of mine and decided to try it based on what she said and how she looked. I tried it and now wouldn't go a night without it."

Diane Scofield, Hollywood, CA

Ultra Sun Safe sunscreen Mom

“Since I live by the beach, me and my children are at the beach almost everyday". "I have to tell you that Sun Safe is the best sunscreen I have ever used - I love it". "I also feel good because I know that it really protects the kids."

Rita Davis, Chuluota, FL
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